Long story but I now have a IBM T40 laptop to play with. I’ve been running Ubuntu Warty on it for a while and decided that since:A. Ubuntu Hoary pre-release just came out andB. The laptop came with XP and it might be worth having a 10G partition with XP installed around.

IBM in it’s wisdom doesn’t ship the laptop with any OS or system restore CD’s, so I had to call IBM wait a week to get, not an XP installation CD, but 4 system restore CD’s. These CD’s will nuke the entire hard drive then copy XP, along with gig’s of IBM bloat. I’m used to Dell machines that ship with both an OS re-installation CD and support/driver CD’s. Much better way to do business.Anyhow….IBM’s restoration CD is basically a thin shell that executes a bunch DOS .bat files that in turn, copy XP and unzip many driver/app packages onto the HD. I noticed that IBM is using the shareware version of PKWares PKZIP DOS application. Isn’t that illegal? A few hours later, after jumping through some hoops to make XP happy and get the default partition resized using Knoppix. I had both OS’s installed and working.

Hoary seems to have very good hardware detection and support. It found and configured the ATI video card with GL acceleration even, a centreno based built-in WiFi card and Winmodem. It didn’t properly enable DMA on the DVD drive and it can’t play encrypted DVD’s out of the box.

I forgot to mention that IBM does have the best laptop keyboard on the market. So much better that the Dell and Apple keyboards I’ve used.

Recanting on my last SciFi Channel post, they do have some good shows on Friday evenings. First SG-1, then Atlantis and finally the amazingly good(except for Mary McDonnels hair) Battlestar Galactica remake. I’m skeptical they can keep the BG story arc. interesting and progressing for very long. It will probably become boring and redundant after a season or two.

The Lab was in Starbucks this week and “Winter Wonderland” was being played. I generally detest the junk that gets played in SB’s and this was song was of the normal SB’ized ilk. I didn’t notice anything different with the song, but made this observation.


In the meadow we can build a snowmanThen pretend he is Parson Brown

SB version:

In the meadow we can build a snowmanThen pretend he is Santa Clause

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Why? Because of Winders, Outlook and OE crap.Not only do I have to deal endless virus spam, with my email address forged as the sender of the virus, but I have to put up with 7+ line sigs. Sigs that ask me not to read this message, in fact prohibit(haha) me from reading, if it happens to be something unintentionally spewed by the senders infected box.

Please, make the stupidity stop!

User contacts the lab, complaining that they can’t SSH to one of our servers. The user in question claims to be a programmer and Unix knowledgeable. After going back and forth, we finally find out whats going on.Lab: “What happens when you SSH in?”.User: “All I see is luser@labserver:~$_“.

Got a postcard in the mail today from Suncom. It was for a free gift they had given me of 2 months free detailed billing, that would revert to a pay thing after the two months. I would have to call and cancel, this FREE gift. So I call and wait nearly 10 mins. on hold to cancel this crap. I let the guy have “what for” and registered a complaint. He said he would forward it along with the quite a few other complaints he had received.Any other Suncom users get this? Let them have it when you call to complain.Try this again and bye bye Suncom.