What do you get when you mix three teenage girls, MySpace and a home XP PC? Was over at a friends house last night and noticed that one of the girls was attempting to launch Firefox, at first I thought cool, then noticed that it never opened. Being me… I couldn’t help trying to “fix” the machine.

I’ve come across some infected machines before, but by far, that machine was the most ad/spy/virus ware laden machine I have ever come across. If you let the machine boot by itself, one of the pieces of junkware would manage to get Mcafee disabled, then begin and onslaught of pop ups, unders, fullscreeners, and if you opened IE, in page ads. The machine would slow to a complete crawl. All you could do is watch the fun!

I managed to keep IE usable for long enough to download SpyBot and get it installed. After 3 boot time scans from Spybot, I was able to at least keep something from disabling Mcafee and only 5 pieces of malware left running, that it couldn’t seem to clean. It was past C’s bed time at this point and I left the machine in the capable hands of the teenagers. The parents are ticked that the machine is so unusable and want me to “fix” it. My “fix”? I’m installing Ubuntu on the machine.

Oh, you should have seen the face of one of the kids as she walked by and thought I was blocking MySpace.

James returned from his 3 week trip to Fiji and Australia this past weekend. Haven’t had a chance to talk to him about the trip except for this(hope I have the story right):

Since the weather was bad(being winter and all), he and his SO decided to hit the Casino near their hotel. 3 dollars into playing dollar slots, he manages to hit the jackpot on the machine. No lights no sirens, just a “call attendant” alert. After the attendant shows up, he finds out he’s won 9K Australian(~6K US).

Lucky Bastard! ;-)

Had some watermelon today, first one in years. Dang it was good.