Maybe it’s a good thing…I’ve been reading a good bit about some cool Gnome projects[1][2].

What makes me uneasy about these projects is that they both plan to or are using C# as the language choice. Following a MS technology like this is bound to bite you/us at some point.

Had to go to Burlington last night, I loath shopping, but this trip had pleasant surprise.
Shannon is checking out, I’m standing there and look up at a cash register screen across the counter. It’s interesting because these registers don’t have the typical cash register looking screens. They have what looks like a 15″ flat panel.
So the register I’m looking at isn’t being used and is at a login prompt. I notice a familiar looking logo and walk over to have a closer look.
It’s the RedHat “shadow man” logo! So these registers are running X and Linux. I smile, Shannon pays, we head home.