Finally a meme I don’t mind participating in. Sadly most of the interesting bits are hidden behind that “sudo”.

{9a59223fbbfa3706fcb6f14a9d1c0e9d874b8faac7a72cc56b28c77d373fa104} history -1000 | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head194 cd156 sudo73 rm50 ls45 less44 vi31 dpkg22 kill21 perl21 man

Our clothes washer, a 12 year old, never given us a bit of trouble, beast of a machine, sprang a leak this week. It was the kind of leak that’s hard to fix, so it wouldn’t really be worth reparing on a 12 year old piece of equipment. As I began a search for a replacement, I was amazed at the active “washer” community that I found online. Forums, FAQ’s, reviews, video, pictures, modifications, restorations and even this amazing site. I happened upon a forum post that linked to a video of almost the exact washer I was intereted in.

Freebird + Washing machines = love!

I imagined all the wives in the other room chatting while the guys all go to the laundry to watch and video this thing run. The 1000RPM spin cycle is mesmerizing.

Cable modem died yesterday. Payed ~$50 for it over a year ago so I at least got the value of renting one from “the company” at ~$6 a month.

Played with one of these last night. I’m such a geek, I so want one.