One of Shannon’s friends had a wedding recently, they had the usual cute distracting kid for a ring bearer. Several times during the rehearsal, the Pastor would said something about the ring. Each time the Pastor said “ring”, the 4 year old ring bearer would said under his breath “my precious”.

This guy doesn’t look like someone I would believe, but if he is legit, fear the beef!

After a week bought with some unknown illness, I’ll call it Indian butt flu for now since I think it was given to me by , I think I’m better now. So it’s Wild Wings for lunch!

Grabbed lunch at the KFC we unfortunately sometimes go to. They have a new gold medal award on the wall. This award is apparently given to KFC’s that excel in customer server, cleanliness, etc. Now this KFC is probably one of the dirtiest fast food restaurants I go to. They have been known to be out of napkins, condiments, even chicken.

Friends of ours from Romania were in town this weekend. Also had some wonderful Russian food at Tanya’s house on Saturday night including Lamb shish kabobs and dressed herring.

I should bring a camera and take some pictures at morning coffee to see if I can get this to happen.

More MR “philosophying”

Why the heck do restaurants have such a big deal about splitting a large parties check?Consider this…What is the goal of a good restaurant? To provide great food and a great atmosphere, right? So you go out with to dinner with your friends to, not to name any names… lets say… umm Mimi’s. You sit out on the deck, great view, good food and service. A good time is had by all.
Then the bill comes! 12 people on one check.
Chaos ensues . Dinning experience is ruined.