Missed seeing it in the theater, I guess I was too young at the time and I think it only ran for like a week, but it totally blew me away the first time I saw it on TV.

“For the new director’s cut, the special-effects footage was digitally scanned at 8,000 lines per frame, four times the resolution of most restorations, and then meticulously retouched. The results look almost 3-D”… from the NYTimes

Man I wish it was playing somewhere close this time around.

Manage to sneak out of the house this weekend to see Munich. Wonderful movie, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is a praise for Regal Cinema. They have changed the way they present ads. Instead of showing ad, after ad, after ad, when the movie should be starting, they play them BEFORE the movie only. The movie began promptly at the scheduled/published time with only a few previews.

I was eight years old, sitting on the front row in the center seat of a theater in my home town. I’m sure I had gone to movies before this, but I have no recollection. This; was the movie that imprinted on me for the rest of my life. Burned into my minds eye the opening sequence’s stark contrast of white interiors against an ominous black figure. Then at its abrupt ending left me wishing for so much more. Walking out of the theater I was changed. How much so I wouldn’t realize until much later. I had no idea that this movie:

…would be the movie that I would judge many others by …would be the movie that I would endlessly imitate at play with the friends of my youth …would be the movie that created my love of movies …would be the movie that made me a Geek …would be the movie that nearly every day of my life I would find myself relating some quote, some thought, some action back to

And now…. on Thursday…. it’s over.

Saw Nemesis last night. The theater was almost full and the geek quota was quite high.I liked the movie, not good enough to see it again. 7 out of 10.