Yesterday we took Colson for a visit with the International Adoption Clinic at MUSC. They do specialized evaluations/test for kids that have been adopted internationally. It’s a wonderful thing to have something like that so close to us. Anyhow, he is on track pretty much in every way developmentally and growth wise. A tad on the small side which they will watch over time.

I had long prepared myself for the day when Colson would have to get his first shots, but hadn’t even thought about him having to give blood for tests. At the end of our visit he had to have five yes count them, 5! vials of blood drawn for a multitude of test to be run. Their is no pain like holding down your child while blood is drawn(I’ve heard that a spinal tap is worst, but don’t want to go there).

Tomorrow will be the first fathers day for me! We returned this passed Wednesday from Guatemala with our new son. Arriving late on the 9th and the next day toured Antigua.

Day 3 we did a Guatemala city tour, visiting the Civic Center

The National Palace

A park with a 100+ year old, large scale relief map of Guatemala

and we drove by the hospital where Colson was born

Day 4 we took a 3 hour drive

to visit Lake Atitlan

and Chichicastenango

Day 5, we met Colson

Day 6, we had to get Colson up at 6:00am to be ready for a 3 hour ordeal at the US Embassy. The place was swamped with new parents/babies and the air didn’t work. Colson was a trooper however.

Day 7, we woke Colson at 5:00am to catch a shuttle to the airport for our 6:55am flight to Houston. The plane was crowded with new adopties and I feared it would be a nightmare. However, the flight was nearly silent. After a quick and actually pleasant stop for immigration in Houston we boarded our flight to Charleston. A large group of friends met us at the airport when we landed.

The past few days Shannon and I have been starting the switch of Colson formula from Guatemalan brands to ours, attempting to get Colson to use an American bottle nipple(Guatemalan’s are different) and getting used to being parents.

Colson is a awesome guy, sleeps through the night and generally only cries for something that he needs(food, changing, nap). He is otherwise happy and playful.

The rest of the photos of the trip are available in my album.

High:Had the most wonderful, surprise baby shower last Friday. Lots of folks went through a lot of work to pull it off. Shannon and I were totally clueless it was going to happen. What a shock it was to drive up and see all the people there! ITLab, Springfield and church folks all together in one place felt very surreal. I kept thinking, “they aren’t supposed to be here together”.

Low:I’ve been on a kick about “Peak Oil” lately and started to read Jim Kunstler’s “peak oil” related blog. The guy puts into words great thoughts on Walmart, SUV’s and consumerism.

Google on “peak oil”

Everyone that reads this(all two of you) should already know that Shannon and I have been in the process of adopting a baby from Guatemala. Today we hand over our dossier to our agency and officially join the waiting list for a referral. In one to four months we will get to “know” our child, then the hard wait of two to eight months begins as the legal system in Guatemala has to process our application and finalize the adoption.

Update: Our dossier appears to be complete and it looks like we will be getting a boy! The current working name for the project is Colson Cabot Gregg :-)