My dog loves cats. I’m talking LOVES cats. She gets along fine with our cat Cosmo, but if she happens to see a cat outside, she goes insane. Last night Shannon left for a PTA meeting, she wouldn’t be gone long so she left the garage open. I however, didn’t know this. A little while later I decided to take Lily for a ride, open the garage door and boom, Lily is away….

Now in the past this would have been really bad, because we had a neighbor with an older cat that Lily liked to chase and an owner that hated us/Lily. That neighbor had moved so I thought, no big deal I’ll get the dog back and we’ll be off. After backing the truck out, I’m greeted by another neighbor’s, “is that your dog”.
Oh Crap!

Turns out she had gone into his garage seen his indoor cat through a screened door, gone bananas and put her head through the screen. The neighbor was initially and understandably, very ticked. I walked over to look at the damage. It appeared the the screen could be replaced easily. The neighbor calms down and decides he can repair the damage. I’m planning on sending some money and an letter apologizing anyhow.

You can always tell when Lily has found something outside, her bark makes a marked change. Today I heard that bark and ran out to see what she had cornered.She was staring down at the concrete on the back patio. I had to walk closer to see what she was looking at. It was a three inch long Anole, mouth open staring back at Lily, daring her to eat it.

Put up a new bird feeder in the back yard today. Wonder how long till they find it.

Update: Birds found the feeder. What was that 2 hours? Amazing.