Had a perfectly normal voting experience today. People were taking an extra long time to vote, however. Not sure if that was because of the new machines or because of the large amount of items to be voted on, 8 screens total. Since the new machines have absolutely no paper trail, I have no way to know if what I voted for is what was actually recorded.

I did like how a print out, taped to the wall, of the machines being in a zero vote ready state, signed by all the poll workers and the tiewrapped flash card on the machine itself is supposed to make me feel all safe and confident.

Now that the trauma is sufficiently behind me I can now post about this.Last Wednesday someone had the idea to go to King Buffet for lunch. For readers that don’t know what King Buffet is, it’s a Chinese/Italian/american/errr… buffet on highway 17. It attempts to put on a facade of class to hide what is in actuality, a dirty Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is also known amongst the lunch crowd as Kickin Bottoms and previously when it was known officially as Super Buffet… Squirty Bottoms or Soggy Bottoms.It had never actually earned any of the nicknames, until last Wednesday.Of the four folks that ate there that day, two didn’t make it into work the next day and myself(one of the two) didn’t actually feel completely better till Saturday evening.Stay far far away…….

Had dinner last night at J. Paulz. The name grates on me a little, almost like it’s trying to hard or something. Anyhow, they serve tapas and sushi. The ambiance can best be described as upscale, “adult contemporary”. Several TV’s are mounted around the bar, encroaching on an otherwise pleasant atmosphere. Seating is communal around low tables. Some of the seats are cushioned benches without backs that, in our visit, became uncomfortable after some time. We ordered a shrimp dish and a few sushi rolls. The shrimp was excellent. The sushi was also tasty if somewhat non-traditional.

Quotes here are from “Charleston Watch“.

City Council debates the issue of low income housing on Daniel Island and West Ashley.”The black minister who spoke against the Daniel Island and West Ashley developments also feared the high incidence of crime in a clustered development. She also made the point that the development planned for the Sherwood Forest neighborhood was 0.6 miles from a bus route. As most of the people that were targeted to live in this development had low incomes and most likely did not have cars, wasn’gt the location strange?”

Both locations are miles from CARTA bus routes.

On trash service in Daniel Island.”Oh, Daniel Island again. This time it is the trash service. The Island is part of the City of Charleston but is also located in Berkeley County. Geographically it is a long way from the heart of the City of Charleston and this is a problem in relation to trash services. It takes a long time for City trucks to get to the area and a longer time for them to travel to the dump site in Berkeley County. It all costs too much. Consequently, the City decided to retain (we choose the word carefully) a contractor to collect and dispose of trash.”

Well, when the city decided to annex Daniel Island which was in the next county, I guess they forgot this detail, no?

And then the crazy development in West Ashley.

“Council member Shirley led the questioning to some changes in a development on Bees Ferry Road. The Planned Development, already approved, would give rise to 3925 housing units. What was sought was an amendment that would improve access to the development through Bees Ferry Road and Glenn McConnell Parkway but also slightly reduce the number of units.

Council member Shirley noted that despite the reduction in the number of units now planned for the Grand Oaks development, the total was still a hefty 3784. But we have development adjacent at Village Green and elsewhere, he said. All this adds up to near 10,000 units. Help. People in the area were already concerned about the scale and pace of development. What was in store for the future, even though the remaining 2784 units to be built on Grand Oaks would be stretched over 7 to 10 years?

Mayor Riley suggested that all would be well now that the sales tax was in place and the roads in the area would be improved. And besides, a committee had been created called the West Ashley Growth Committee to oversee problems that are developing.

Some body once said, that if you can’gt find a solution to a problem, create a committee to deal with it. We thought that it was really an issue that the City and its Planning staff should be addressing. But what do we know?”

This discussion isn’t even including the Watson Hill develpment plans….. Oh yeah, a committee and road improvements is gonna fix this. Yeah right!