Well I had plans to move this thing over to MTOS, that is on hold for a while. As promised, I have added a “Self Accumulator“. It needs some CSS love, that will come soon. Besides aggregating “me” it has allowed me significantly lighted up the sidebar.

I want a place to aggregate/archive my online activities. Something like Mugshot that I do use, but under my control. I tried using this blog to do it, but decided it should only include stuff I write specifically for it and “spam” from my other sources doesn’t work here. I’m going to put up some kind of “self accumulator” separate from my blog soon.

First some changes….After long consideration, I’ve decided to leave Livejournal and host this blog myself. For everyone(all 2 of you) that read my blog on LJ, I’ll continue to cross post for a while and get around to customizing this WP install eventually but, unlike LJ, at least I can customize.

And now the fun stuff….Brian, one of the Butterfat folks came up with this really simple and mostly lame idea to map open webcams that Google has indexed to Geolocations based on IP address(goocam). On a lark I posted it to Digg and it went crazy. It made it to the number one on del.icio.us/popular for a while and is now all over the “blogsphere“. Inevitably the stuff we think is cool and put a good bit of work into(Jabber Google Map), people could care less about, but this, something so simple people take and run with. A lesson is here that we need to learn.