Since I’ve been stuck at home and can mostly only type one handed, I decided to work on my Deskbar plugins to try and keep myself busy and forget about the pain in my sholder and back. As a result, I put together a new Deskbar plugin called Wayd(What Are You Doing) that allows you to update multiple micro-blogs at once(twitter, jaiku, etc…). It currently supports Twitter and Jaiku but I hope to add Facebook and Pownce once they have an API available. If anyone knows of other micro-blog services I should include, please let me know in the comments. Since the Deskbar plugin API changed, you’ll need the 2.19+ version of Deskbar for this plugin to work.

I was frustrated with Bloglines issues a while back and switched to a self hosted install of Gregarius. Gregarius has it’s own set of issues to work through, but at least with access to the code you “can” fix them and it is being actively developed.

Inspired by the “what’s in your bag” meme and for my future reference, I’m posting the contents of my Firefox extensions:

Anyone use another extension that’s useful? Post them. Hmmm… that reminds me, I need to finish my S2 template, the comment area is a mess.