A friend of mine has a few chickens the live around his house. One day he hops in his truck to go workout at a Gym ~5 miles from his house. He stays at the Gym for ~1 hour. Then heads to run a errand(another ~7 miles). Both of the trips involve speeds 45-55 m/hr. On his way out to his truck from his errand, he notices movement behind the back wheel of his truck, looks down and finds one of his chickens perched on the axle.The chicken is panting and looks very frightened(can you blame her).

“Trading Spaces”/”While you were out” why must you haunt me?First we run into Leslie(on the left) at Home Depot a few months ago. Then last night we go to a River Dogs game and it’s “Trading Spaces” night. With no less than Doug throwing out the first ball. OYE!I did find more proof that these shows are more about T&A than remodeling