As of late I’ve begun to tire of writing the same old CRUD interfaces over and over. So I’ve been looking at web app. frameworks that may remove some of the drudgery. The contenders are:

Currently, Maypole is my top contender. It’s Perl based(we do lots of Perl), seems to do “enough” without doing too much and end up being limiting or just get in the way. CherryPy looks to be a Pythonic clone of Rails, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it looks even younger than Rails and doesn’t seem to have the same momentum. So this leaves Rails. I’ve done some toy coding with Ruby in the past and liked it.

Ruby is a fully OO language with a concise “perlish” syntax and Rails is an MVC framework on top of it. As a Rail learning/evaluation attempt, I plan it to try and implement a simple blog and document the progress as posts here. Depending on how the Rails attempt goes, I’ll reimplemented the same thing in CherryPy and Maypole.

Stay tuned. This should be fun.