Since I didn’t have enough to do helping keeping the Charleston Wiki running, now boasting a total of 320 pages and 51 users by the way, Brian drags me into the Lowcountry Blogroll(LBR), another community project of Butterfat, LLC.
I guess the blogroll has already served a purpose however, by allowing me to find Jared’s blog.

I was wondering and I may have already missed a discussion about this over at Lowcountry Blogs, what should the guidlines for inclusion on LBR?

  • Just local charleston bloggers?
  • How about the LJ community for Charleston?
  • We have a custom weather feed that displays hurrican/storm info. for Charleston, what about that?
  • What about a feed from the Charleston Wiki?
  • We need a clear easy way to request inclusion/exclusion
  • Other considerations?

Thoughts and ideas are welcome. Please comment.