The do not eat sign, is lit

Now that the trauma is sufficiently behind me I can now post about this.Last Wednesday someone had the idea to go to King Buffet for lunch. For readers that don’t know what King Buffet is, it’s a Chinese/Italian/american/errr… buffet on highway 17. It attempts to put on a facade of class to hide what is in actuality, a dirty Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is also known amongst the lunch crowd as Kickin Bottoms and previously when it was known officially as Super Buffet… Squirty Bottoms or Soggy Bottoms.It had never actually earned any of the nicknames, until last Wednesday.Of the four folks that ate there that day, two didn’t make it into work the next day and myself(one of the two) didn’t actually feel completely better till Saturday evening.Stay far far away…….


On my laptop I have a 10G XP partition. It’s the only Windows I own and came with the laptop. Currently, I have a need for Windows, to run SharpDevelop(WinCE code for the GPS project) and for testing of another “secret project”. Since the HD on my laptop is on the small side, I’d like to reclaim XP’s 10G and not have a dedicated Windows partition anymore. I’ve been reading that Qemu is relatively decent currently so I decided to try and go the virtual machine route. I don’t have any XP installation media(thank you IBM for shipping only “recover” CD’s!!!) so I figured I could turn my current working XP partition into a disk image for Qemu.Build the qemu image.
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Noggin Ache

Having unusual headaches? Use Splenda™? They might be related.I never get headaches, but recently started getting a dull ache that seemed to get worse. I thought it might be the time of year or something I was eating. About the only thing artificial that I consumed was Splenda, so I switched to Equal(yeah I know…) and they disappeared. A fluke I thought, so I tried added some to my morning coffee and the ache reappeared.

No more Splenda for me I guess.