New restaurant

Had dinner last night at J. Paulz. The name grates on me a little, almost like it’s trying to hard or something. Anyhow, they serve tapas and sushi. The ambiance can best be described as upscale, “adult contemporary”. Several TV’s are mounted around the bar, encroaching on an otherwise pleasant atmosphere. Seating is communal around low tables. Some of the seats are cushioned benches without backs that, in our visit, became uncomfortable after some time. We ordered a shrimp dish and a few sushi rolls. The shrimp was excellent. The sushi was also tasty if somewhat non-traditional.


I was frustrated with Bloglines issues a while back and switched to a self hosted install of Gregarius. Gregarius has it’s own set of issues to work through, but at least with access to the code you “can” fix them and it is being actively developed.