New shell trick

Came across a great new shell tip. Brace expansion.

Some examples:

 $echo {one,two,three,four}" fish"one fish two fish three fish four fish$ echo {{1,2,3}1,2,3}11 21 31 2 3

Ok, that’s great. What’s it good for:

$ cp /tmp/test.html /tmp/test.html_bak

Can be rewritten as:

cp /tmp/test.html{,_bak}

Then after you makes some changes to /tmp/test.html:

$ diff /tmp/test.html{_bak,}

Works in bash, zsh and possibly others.

What’s in your Firefox?

Inspired by the “what’s in your bag” meme and for my future reference, I’m posting the contents of my Firefox extensions:

Anyone use another extension that’s useful? Post them. Hmmm… that reminds me, I need to finish my S2 template, the comment area is a mess.

Tough Lizard

You can always tell when Lily has found something outside, her bark makes a marked change. Today I heard that bark and ran out to see what she had cornered.She was staring down at the concrete on the back patio. I had to walk closer to see what she was looking at. It was a three inch long Anole, mouth open staring back at Lily, daring her to eat it.

IBM Restore

Long story but I now have a IBM T40 laptop to play with. I’ve been running Ubuntu Warty on it for a while and decided that since:A. Ubuntu Hoary pre-release just came out andB. The laptop came with XP and it might be worth having a 10G partition with XP installed around.

IBM in it’s wisdom doesn’t ship the laptop with any OS or system restore CD’s, so I had to call IBM wait a week to get, not an XP installation CD, but 4 system restore CD’s. These CD’s will nuke the entire hard drive then copy XP, along with gig’s of IBM bloat. I’m used to Dell machines that ship with both an OS re-installation CD and support/driver CD’s. Much better way to do business.Anyhow….IBM’s restoration CD is basically a thin shell that executes a bunch DOS .bat files that in turn, copy XP and unzip many driver/app packages onto the HD. I noticed that IBM is using the shareware version of PKWares PKZIP DOS application. Isn’t that illegal? A few hours later, after jumping through some hoops to make XP happy and get the default partition resized using Knoppix. I had both OS’s installed and working.

Hoary seems to have very good hardware detection and support. It found and configured the ATI video card with GL acceleration even, a centreno based built-in WiFi card and Winmodem. It didn’t properly enable DMA on the DVD drive and it can’t play encrypted DVD’s out of the box.

I forgot to mention that IBM does have the best laptop keyboard on the market. So much better that the Dell and Apple keyboards I’ve used.