Recently, perhaps over the past few months(two in a row tonight in fact), I’ve encountered people in fast food restaurants attempting to use a credit card, then being perplexed at the fact that the particular restaurant didn’t take cards. Some people didn’t even have the “real” money to pay for the purchase and walked out.

new look

I’m attempting a new look here using LJ’s S2 style system. Perhaps the most complicated theme engine ever. Some things may looks strange as I straighten all the kinks.

SciFI Fridays

Recanting on my last SciFi Channel post, they do have some good shows on Friday evenings. First SG-1, then Atlantis and finally the amazingly good(except for Mary McDonnels hair) Battlestar Galactica remake. I’m skeptical they can keep the BG story arc. interesting and progressing for very long. It will probably become boring and redundant after a season or two.


Put up a new bird feeder in the back yard today. Wonder how long till they find it.

Update: Birds found the feeder. What was that 2 hours? Amazing.