Now that I’m 1337 and all with a new Gmail account, I’ve been thinking of ways to use a free 1Gb of space. My kooky idea: a version of Knoppix that could boot a minimal kernel then pull in packages stored as mail message in Gmail.


games-misc/fortune-mod-dubya Latest version available: 20040527 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of downloaded files: 24 kB Homepage: http://dubya.seiler.us/ Description: Quotes from George W. Bush License: as-is

Pocketknife Reloaded

Today, I replaced my favorite tool. It’s a Swiss Army knife that I have carried in my pocket nearly every day for the last ~11 years.

I hope my new tool, a Leatherman juice S2, will serve as well.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

Lunch Haps

Tried out a new place for lunch today, Momma Browns BBQ. Highlights on the buffet were some really good rutabagas and couldn’t believe this, vinegar based BBQ in Charleston.

We also happen to be eating lunch with…

Starsky and Hutch


James returned from his 3 week trip to Fiji and Australia this past weekend. Haven’t had a chance to talk to him about the trip except for this(hope I have the story right):

Since the weather was bad(being winter and all), he and his SO decided to hit the Casino near their hotel. 3 dollars into playing dollar slots, he manages to hit the jackpot on the machine. No lights no sirens, just a “call attendant” alert. After the attendant shows up, he finds out he’s won 9K Australian(~6K US).

Lucky Bastard! ;-)

Had some watermelon today, first one in years. Dang it was good.