Shannon was trying to find a phone number for MUSC tonight in the phone book. She was looking for a number to tell her what room a sick friend of hers was in. Looking in the business section, you would expect a largish block of MUSC numbers. Nope nothing.Ok, so she looks for Medical University of South Carolina, she finds “See MUSC”.
Ok, flip to MUSC. And she finds, “See M U S C”. Dead end… well a recursive end.Next she tries www.musc.edu, hmm nope can’t get to the directory now without an MNA, but she does finds a link to muschealth.com. Nope that site is down. Finally she calls me and I happen to be taking a friend home that knew the right number to call. She calls it, gets disconnected. Calls back, gets transfered to medical records. Then transfered back to her original person, who finally helps her.Arghh!!!!1


Braved Kitchen Fresh Chicken(aka KFC, aka Kentucky Fried Chicken) for lunch today. They had no wings, no chicken fingers, no biscuits and no ice.

Story time

One of Shannon’s friends had a wedding recently, they had the usual cute distracting kid for a ring bearer. Several times during the rehearsal, the Pastor would said something about the ring. Each time the Pastor said “ring”, the 4 year old ring bearer would said under his breath “my precious”.

This guy doesn’t look like someone I would believe, but if he is legit, fear the beef!


Huge flame war on a work mailing list today. Grand total of 48 messages. Doesn’t sound like much but for the volume of mail the list usually handles, it’s almost a months worth. The thread was about “IE only” web applications. The level of “not getting it” was amazing.

Oh and my Fanta Shokata.