Comment Spam

Getting so much comment SPAM and I mean nasty SPAM on the Lab’s site, that and I decided to try and stop it. First round was a simple “enter this number here”, verification. Next round is a full fledged “captcha“.

Link fest

Zip Code Zoomer(needs java)Peanuts do OutKast

Seems that Robert Cringely has moved to “Chuck Town” and lives downtown somewhere near CofC. I sent him an open invite to visit the Lab. He said he would try and drop buy. It doesn’t surprise me at all that when I told Frank about it, he already has meet and talked with him at a Cisco conference :-).

Number Porting

Well I have two shiny new t616’s in my possession. Unfortunately, getting my old number port over isn’t going to well. It appears this what happens behind the scenes when you try a number port:

  • All the cell providers use a gateway run by the FCC.
  • Requests to port numbers go through this gateway.
  • A request is matched from the new service provider to your record with the old provider using multiple fields(name, account number, address, social).
  • The match is done automatically, so if any data isn’t exactly equivalent for all fields the request will fail. For example a request for “JohnssSmith” will fail if the record with the old provider is “JohnsSmith”.
  • The gateway only processes every 3 hours. So tracing down typos is a slow tedious process

New toys

If all goes well, I should be the owner of a t616 by the end of the week!!! :-)

In preparation for my new toy I was looking for a way to sync it with my desktop and came across Multisync. Claims to sync most everything including the t610/616 over bluetooth. Not having my new phone yet I decided to try and sync the two instances of Evolution I use(work and home). After a little bit of fiddling and a properly setup ssh port forward, it worked. If it works as well with my phone, I’ll definitely be adding to my short “how could I live without” list of applications.


Just got back from a fun trip to Niagara. Went expecting loads of cold and snow, but got 40 to 60 degree weather and no snow. Our flight back was horrible. I’ve decided that all airlines suck but United sucks the most. Much like cell phone companies except I think they all suck equally.