Sign of the times

The Lab was in Starbucks this week and “Winter Wonderland” was being played. I generally detest the junk that gets played in SB’s and this was song was of the normal SB’ized ilk. I didn’t notice anything different with the song, but made this observation.


In the meadow we can build a snowmanThen pretend he is Parson Brown

SB version:

In the meadow we can build a snowmanThen pretend he is Santa Clause

Late Thanksgiving rambling

Well I was going to make a long post about my Thanksgiving, but LJ was down at the time and didn’t feel like it later. So here is the abbreviated version:In general the Outer Banks are way more commercialized than I had imagined. The Audubon Society used to own a great deal of the Northern part of the banks, they have since sold a large beach side portion. It has been heavily developed with many “cookie cutter mansions”.

We stayed in one of them.

The beach was very clean and even though a large portion had been recently eroded away by storms, was quite wide.

The part of the Banks still owned by the Audubon still appeared pristine.

I was surprised to find two very large sand dunes on the banks.

Perhaps even more surprising was this:Five miles North from where we stayed the road ends. At this point you can drive on the beach. ~20 miles North from this point is the Virginia border. People live in this 20 mile stretch. They live in houses only accessible by the beach. ~15 miles into this area is a store and a volunteer fire dept.

Thats it for my vacation.

Just came across a neat movie i hope to be able to see “JoJo In The Stars