A miracle

The Lab was clean last night. Now I’m not talking about the usual cleaning we get. I’m talking, the bathroom shines, roaches are gone, the tub sparkles., my desk dusted.

Cool Guy

Amazingly, this fellow visited MUSC last week. Had the opportunity to chat with him about open source, Linux, IBM and Jabber. Refreshing to meet someone that really does “get it”.


Finally got around to seeing “Pirates of the Caribbean”. A good movie that could have been great with 30 mins less fight sequences and would have been horrid without Johny Depp.

Rained for 3 days straight here, thanks to Henri.

“Yo, Mike!”.”Yeah, Gabe?””We got a problem down on Earth. In Utah.””I thought you fixed that last century!””No, no, not that. Someone’s found a security problem in the physics program. They’re getting energy out of nowhere.” “Blessit! Lemme look… Hey, it’s there all right! OK, just a sec… There, that ought to patch it. Dist it out, wouldja?”