Ext3 has issues

So I’m sitting in front of my PC not doing anything really at all, I notice shell commands are taking a long time to execute, the system is still responding, but slowly. X shuts down after a lot of grinding and I reboot the system. Grub prompt comes up, the kernel inits, then boom no root. Luckily I had just recently migrated to this disk and had the old install on another drive, so I could fall back and recover. To make a long story short, multiple attempts to recover the partition fail, I re-init the new drive, migrate again from my old drive and it’s functioning fine now. Normally I would chalk this up to a fluke or a bad drive, but the exact thing happened to James not a month ago. Me thinks something evil is lurking in the Ext3 source.

So Christmas was fun. We had dinner here, cooked loads of food. Both our families dropped by and ate.

This my first attempt at posting from Emacs using ljupdate, please pardon any strangeness.

Ding, fries are done…

Shrinking Dinks

Shannon’s students were making “shrinky dinks” in art class today.
Waiting for the art teacher, a student says, “Mrs. Gregg, there’s the oven where we will shrink our dinks!”.


Saw Nemesis last night. The theater was almost full and the geek quota was quite high.I liked the movie, not good enough to see it again. 7 out of 10.

Choking the reindeers chicken

Shanon and I did the Reindeer Run today. Near the 2 mile marker we hear some police yelling in the distance.I said to Shannon, “What did that guy just say”. I listen more closely and notice a scuffle in the street ahead.

Two cops have this guy pinned to the road, paints halfway down and they are screaming over and over again, “What are you doing jacking off here? How many times have you been arrested for this? We caught you with you pants down!”. Straight out of an episode of Cops.Imagine that scene with 100+ people running by… quite funny.

Other than my stellar time for the run chuckle, nothing much going on


Headed out to Edisto beach for the holiday. The house was full of Shannon family.
The usual T-Day food was had on Thursday, but the real fun was Friday night. Oysters, Beaufort stew, and LOTS of beer :-) Needless to say I went to bed when the Tequila shots started. I’ll have pictures up soon.